Venti 2




Add the Venti folder to craft/plugins. Install the plugin from the control panel (CP) plugin settings.


Venti is built to be used in multiple locales. To translate Venti's CP UI mosey on over to the folder craft/plugins/venti/translation and copy the en_us file and make your translations. Save your file with the proper language file name. Target language file names can be found in craft/app/framework/i18n/data folder.

Venti allows you to make it's inputs locale specific. The admin must go to the Venti Settings tab and click the Event Settings sub navigation link and toggle on the translation checkbox. NOTE* this will only show if you have Craft CMS Pro and localization is turned on.

Repeat Schedule Text Localization

Venti uses a great third party library to generate recurrence dates. Recurr will transform the recurrence rule summary text and uses it's own translation files. The files are found in venti/vendor/simshaun/recurr/translations. Currently these translations are available, (en,de,es,eu,fr,it,pt-br,sv,tr). To create a translation file to target your locale grab the en file as a starting point. Again use the same file names as found in the i18n/data folder specified above. Place your newly created file in the translations folder.

Starter Templates & Examples

Download starter templates and examples.

Getting Started

Groups will be your starting point for using Venti. Groups is just that, a grouping for events. When you create a group you can define a color for organization, description, field layout and a specific detail template.

Each group can have its own color, description, field layout and detail template. However in the Venti settings under group you can set a global field layout if each group will use the same fields. We give you the control. Once you have created a group you can begin adding events to it.

Events by default have our location selector and registration URL/Embed input on by default. These can be toggled off in the Venti Settings.